Get a FirstLook at Lung Cancer

FirstLook Lung is an accessible blood test to aid in early lung cancer detection.

Discover the 4 steps to the FirstLook blood test.

Detecting lung cancer early saves lives.1

FirstLook Lung offers a convenient, accessible, personalized approach to enhance lung cancer screening.

Breakthrough Technology

FirstLook uses a unique, advanced technology that analyzes DNA fragment patterns to help screen for lung cancer.2

Easily Accessible

FirstLook makes lung cancer screening accessible to all eligible adults by keeping the process simple.

Simple & Efficient

The FirstLook blood test can be incorporated into routine appointments, making it easier for more adults to get screened for lung cancer.

15.1 million Americans are at an elevated risk for lung cancer and are screen-eligible, but most are not getting the necessary screening to detect it early before signs or symptoms appear.3

Whether it’s due to inaccessible screening methods or lack of awareness, the vast majority of eligible adults aren’t getting the nationally recommended low-dose CT screening.4

The FirstLook test has a negative predictive value of 99.8%.*

The FirstLook blood test offers a convenient and accessible way to enhance lung cancer screening.

*The negative predictive value represents the percentage of individuals with a Not Elevated result who do not have low-dose CT detectable lung cancer. The clinical validity of FirstLook Lung was established by a prospective, case-controlled study in a population of screen-eligible patients.2

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Lung cancer screening is only the start.

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